Our Style

Taste, look and quality are the first three things that drive us. As a bakery, we continually focus on these three elements in all our development work of new products. Our philosophy at Rangiora Bakery is that if you produce a Chocolate Cake, for example, using high quality ingredients, the correct method of production and take no shortcuts or substitute ingredients, then you will make a 'great tasting Chocolate Cake'. Price is only an outcome not a driver in making decisions.

We do, however, reinvest heavily in new plant and machinery. This helps drive down costs so therefore we are able to give our customers extremely competitive pricing without compromising our three fundamental objectives of Taste, Look and Quality. To this end, we have few competitors, we rarely lose clients and our customers become friends for life.

While some bakeries focus on a price-list with a narrow range of products, Rangiora Bakery has evolved to be a bakery that is a one stop shop for its wholesale customers. In doing so, our current product list encompasses some 1100 different goods in nearly all facets of the baking range - from savoury to sweet and from simple food to complex desserts. We have a tendency to focus on our individual customers and produce a range of Bakery products which is unique and tailor made to that client. Our client base consists of a wide range of multi-national companies, supermarkets, airlines and QSR Restaurants. Our customers have a strong focus on the food but also an equal focus on the fact we have a quality assurance programme (HACCP) and food safety plan that aligns with the European Co-dex standard, which is difficult within our industry to attain. To compliment our wholesale business, we have a Bakery/Cafe in Rangiora that is like no other in New Zealand.

Currently we have a New Zealand wide distribution coverage of our products balanced with a growing export business into Australia. As our business grows, we expect export to become a larger part of our expanding base.